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QA & QC stand for Quality assurance and Quality control. In this section we post articles related to Quality control and Quality assurance. By this article anyone can enhance knowledge about product quality control. Quality control is key department in every industry. 

Here in QA & QC section article are related to tools of quality, Quality improvement program, Quality circle, etc.

Listed article for QA & QC are below:-

Article related to Quality Core Tools






Article related to Root Cause analysis

👉 8D method of Defect analysis

👉 7 Quality Tools (Problem Solving tool)

👉 Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)

👉 Root cause of Analysis

👉 Fish Bone diagram for root cause

👉 CAPA (Corrective action and Preventive action)

👉 Pareto Chart

👉 Histogram

👉 Control Chart, Process Flow

Article related to Quality Audits

👉 QAV Audits

👉 Product Audit

👉 Process Audit

👉 IATF / ISO Audit

👉 Vendor assessment Audit

👉 Vendor development Audit

👉 PPAP Audit

👉 Lean Manufacturing Audit

👉 Customer specific audit

👉 Environment and Hazard Safety Audit 

👉 Hazmat Audit

👉 Anzen Sangen Audit

👉 Customer New development event Audit

👉 Defect analysis Audit

Article related to Quality Control & Quality assurance

👉 COPQ (Cost of poor Quality)

👉 Quality circle

👉 Kaizen

👉 5S, 3M, 3K, 3G methodology 

👉 Poka Yoke


👉 VSM ( Value stream Mapping)

👉 Process Validation

👉 Zero Defect (Continuous Improvement)

👉 PDCA (Plan do check act)

👉 TQM (Total Quality Management)

👉 TPM (Toyota Production Management)

👉 Lean Manufacturing

👉 Six Sigma

Article related to Software Quality Management

👉 Software Quality assurance

👉 Software testing

👉 Manual Testing of software

👉 Automated test

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